Amazon Kindle Deals in India


Amazon Kindle Deals in India

Finally, a touchscreen display that reads just like real paper is here in Amazon Indian Store. Find Best Amazon Kindle Deals in India Here.

If you do not need to read about Kindle and looking for best deal, scroll down to bottom to see Amazon Kindle Deals in India.

The Amazon Kindle has no screen glare when reading in bright sunlight. It does not have an in-built light, it can fit in your pocket and is also lighter than a paperback. Some of its exclusive features are Goodreads integration, Word Wise, and Vocabulary Builder. With Amazon Kindle, you can turn pages 20% faster as the processor gives quick and smooth turn pages. Kindle Indian price starts at Rs 5,999.00 for All-New Kindle and you can get high end model Kindle Oasis price starting from Rs  23,999.00. Click here to see comparison of different Kindle versions.

Kindle amazing features

For those that are a fun of a huge library, this Kindle has twice the storage. It can carry books into thousands at a go with a double capacity on the device storage compared to the earlier versions of Kindle Paperwhite.  It fully charges in just about 4 hours from a computer using USB cable. You can get Indian power adapter which is sold separately.

What’s more, you can access more than 1500,000 eBooks at just Rs. 49 or less and more than 4.5 million eBooks at paltry Rs. 299 or less from Kindle Store. Monthly subscriptions are available for magazines, newspapers and blogs via RSS. As an Amazon Prime member you can rent from Lending Library.

In terms of readability, Amazon kindle has been upgraded from earlier versions as the Kindle books are matched to the corresponding page numbers of the text. The books are automatically backed up in the kindle library through their cloud for all amazon content. The web-kit enabled browser is also a major upgrade to this version. It is just an experimental web browser that is using a Webkit, but it is a big deal that you can find all the information from your Kindle. Now you can connect to Wi-Fi, Wikipedia and Kindle store.

Notably, the Amazon Kindle is designed for avid readers. You can read from anywhere and with fewer distractions. Most people preferred the Fire HD 8 because of the gaming features that you could enjoy while reading. Similarly, photos and videos are not available in kindle just like Paperwhite. However, if you do not mind an inclusive device and are looking for an organized library, comic books for children, freedom to carry your documents around then go for Amazon Kindle. Amazon kindle comes with 1 year warranty. It supports different formats both which require passwords and purchases to other downloadable versions.

The lightweight, durable and thin body and an option to install more memory win over Paperwhite and Fire HD 8. However, the game changer that should excite the Indian market is the screen. For the first time in the history of these devices, you can now read a book from an electronic device without straining the eyes. And since it is now possible to ship it outside the U.S, you need to get your hands on this one.

Below are best Amazon Kindle Deals in India

Kindle and Fire HD is only available to purchase in Amazon Indian Store. No other Indian shopping websites like flipkart, snap deal or shop clues are no authorised to see it and so item is not available in their store now. Snap deal had it in their store for a while but now discontinues.

All-New Kindle E-reader

With Black, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Store

Books available in different categories

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